Weird Weekend

Not the way I had planned to spend a bank holiday weekend! Didn't personally take the children out anywhere, not a single photo taken despite lots of flurries of snow and very excited little people, and not a single second of crafting.

At least SMO was here to entertain the children, take them out in the snow and shopping to spend some Easter pocket money (Jungle in my Pocket and a Spy Kit!). Mum supplied us with 4 tins of baking (thank you) and all that was left for me to do was sit and suffer.

To end things off the kids got up on Sunday morning with identical rashes on their backs and arms, so we had to cancel their planned swimming trip. Had a nice afternoon though with the out-laws and kids squidged on the settee watching the Wizard of Oz, being spied on and having secret messages shot at us by a Small-N-Spotty spy.

All spots were sufficiently faded for a return to school today, they both literally begged me to let them go!

HS:MS today is 'Balance'
An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady or creating stability in your own mind. Find balance in your space today.

Guess which I have eaten more of today :
Yep ....... Easter egg for breakfast this morning! Feeling better but quite tired after a wander to town yesterday to get some air. So I think a lazy day pottering around the house today, although I must avoid all shopping. I've already bought some stitched rub-ons from the QVC outlet show this morning!

** Kate **


Anonymous said…
I've haven't done my photo for balance yet, but this did immediately come to mind! Great shot.
Diana said…
LOL I would have eaten more chocolate but e have NONE at home. Great fun interpretation of the prompt!
Love Di
Bambi said…
wonderful balance!
Jen said…
lol, great balance photo :)
Rach said…
Great take on the word, I know which I would prefer. Glad you are feeling better and totally envy you sending the kids to school, mine are off for 2 weeks now. x
pokettiger said…
What a creative way to represent balance! So smart!

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