Tuesday, June 3

Don't Panic

Nothings happened, I've just been really busy with family stuff.

*** long post warning with a lot of poo and lots of piccies ***

The Dinky Diva finished her ballet course on Friday with a display for parents/friends. Can't find a picture to share at the moment as they all contain other peoples children.

We had a big family meal at the weekend as all the sisters and nieces are unlikely to be together again before Christmas. No photos from that either due to beautiful yet camera shy family members - you know who you are!!

A couple of birthdays too. Small-N-Grubby turned 5!! (can't believe it). Here he is opening presents in the morning.

Then we had a mini tea party for family in the afternoon, I wasn't up to entertaining a rampage (new collective name I have invented) of 5 year old boys.

This photo sums up the sheer sophistication of the afternoon.No that's not a tasty choccie biccie on the plate! Apparently 5 year old boys must receive a practical joke kit for their birthday, it is the law S-N-G says so.

This is a close-up of the cake, decorated by his own fair hand.

And here he is blowing out the candles.

My nieces very kindly organised a pass-the-parcel in which the DD won a spinning eyeball (S-N-G's prize further down the page).
Today's HS:MS (too many to catch-up on the one's I have missed).
Heffridge Trumpler Brompet Heffalump
A friend of Roo's and Winnie's, a lavender coloured elephant better known as Lumpy.

Swear Ms SuzyB has made the name up! But Mr Google says it's true, this is the guy if you don't know him. Must get the movie I haven't seen it.
And here is what S-N-G won in the pass the parcel. Just squeeze for the desired effect - yuk!

I've been crafting in the evenings for the other birthday this weekend. Just a few sneaky peaks as it's a personal gift. ** Kate **


Rach said...

Love all your pictures. Your lumpy one is fab. x

Shannon said...

Your lumpy made me smile! Thanks for sharing. 18 days left? Is that all?

Janice said...

Lovely looking journal/giftie. Lots of fun at the party too by the looks of it.

Zoe said...

Great lumpy shot - we've got one of those and it never occureed to me! x

angie said...

Oooh love that Lumpy pic. We have one of those here somewhere, hate the thing!! lol
Love that mini book, it will make a great gift :o)