Wednesday, July 2

Fantastic news!!!!

I won a 'Big Bite' from DoCrafts, how good is that.

Oh, yeh, got one of these as well (not from DoCrafts). Arrived on Thursday 26 June 2008 at 7.25pm.
He is of the boy variety (as expected) and weighed in at 7lb 12ozs. Both doing fine, but tired!

Many thanks for all the messages and well wishes.

** Kate **


Rach said...

How gorgeous is he!?!?! About time he made an appearance. A huge congratulations from me. Whats he called? x

Godsrockangel said...

Congratulations!!!! Had to re-read the post I was about to get all excited that he shared my brothers birthday (he's 20 today!) then was like oh yeah Lil Boy was born on the 26th!

Yay!!!!! Congrautlations!!!!!!! (oops spelling mistake)

Sue said...

AWHHHHHHHH i need one like that he is gorgeous xxxxxx

Bex said...

Congratulations Kate.
He looks totally gorgeous!

Look after yourself x
Love Bex

Bobs said...

Heartiest congratulations, Kate - he's scrumptious!!!!

What's his name .... or at least, his nickname? lol

Congrats on the Big Bite too!

Melis said...

Well done and about time. Congratulations. Can't wait until we hear all the details.

Love to you all

LisaBabe said...

Congratulations Kate, he's absolutely gorgeous and definitely worth the wait.

Take care

Lisa xoxo

Kate said...

Aah Kate he's gorgeous, COngrats and congrats on the big bite too LOL

Rach said...

Hope all is well and that the little man in thriving. x

Nikki said...

Congratulations Kate...he's gorgeous!

SuzyB said...

Just poppet in to see how things were going and I swear to god I left a congratulatory message but its not here!! Anyway, congratulations (once again!) and hope things are going well with the newbie - love the nickname!! x

glitterangel said...

Congratulations Kate, he's absolutely scrummily gorgeous!