Sunday, August 31

Happy Sunday

Whilst the children are away the not-so grown ups will play. Out-laws have taken the older 2 to visit a farm and we 3 have been out to another party in the local park. A bit too damp today so after a quick visit and a chat with a few friends this afternoon we went on to a local posh hotel to take tea. This turned into steak and ale pie with chips, followed by cheese cake and a cappuccino. I don't eat out much due to my gluten intolerance so we ordered 1 main meal and 2 side dishes between us and very nice it was too.

It's show off Sunday on HS:MS and I've chosen a pic of one of the 30 roses my sister gave me for my birthday/to celebrate the new arrival. I've tried to dry them and although they look really leathery they are very delicate and crumble at the slightest touch.
Still have my handcrafted birthday club cards to share, but for now here is the present I was altering for mum yesterday. I'll take it round tomorrow and help the kids be the 1st to fill it in.

Have made a couple of purchases this weekend. New shoes for a christening. I haven't had posh shoes in ages and I can't even walk in them but what the hell!
The photo was taken inside my other purchase - a mini fold up studio which is all the rage over at the CraftsbyCarolyn forum at the moment. Haven't quite got the backdrop right yet. I'm going to have a practice with it and collect lots of props ready to use it when I photograph my latest jewellery collection.
SMO is all excited see yesterday's comment from Kirsty!

** Kate **


Sarah said...

Beautiful rose.

Love your shoes, they're gorgeous (I have a bit of a thing for red shoes!)

Diana said...

Ditto the shoes. I have 2 pairs of very pnk shoes.

Kathy said...

That rose looks beautiful.

Shoes are fab too