Thursday, August 28

i i i i i i like you very much

Today's letter is 'i'. I've ordered most of the back to school stuff I need on line from M&S so a nice big box arrived today for the kids to decorate.
My local camera store had an event recently with free vouchers for an A3 print. Really wanted one of the children together but it was a labour of love getting the shots!
Nearly time for the new term to start and found these shots of the teacher's presents I made at the end of last term - academic diaries and note books.

** Kate **


Anonymous said...

I love the black and white one thats sooooo cool!

Sarah said...

Great i.

Beautiful portraits, how on earth did you manage to choose just one to blow up?!

I bet you're the most popular parent in school with gifts like that - I barely manage as much as a box of roses!

Sarah x

CraftyCarol said...

Beautiful photos love the black and white one.

Teachers must have been delighted with their gifts! x

Igotmebabe said...

Great i' shot and I love the pictures of your kids, they are all beautiful

Brendan said...

Bet the kids had tons of fun decorating their box!!

Shannon said...

School started 2 weeks ago here! Wonderful i! Great shots of the kids!

Cheyne said...

Oh, a fun i!!

beautiful portraits.

Kathy said...

Oh Kate, those photos are fantastic - you must be thrilled with the outcome - even if it was hard work getting the kids to pose so nicely!

The pressies look fab too

lisa said...

What beautiful photos Kate.
You must be so chuffed : )
lis xx

Chris T said...

Love the i but your family photos are gorgeous - well worth the effort

LisaBabe said...

Fabulous shots of the kids, Kate. Can't believe how big the Supreme Commander is already!!!!

Hope you're doing well

Lisa xoxo