Saturday, August 30

Summer's Here!

At last a lovely summer's day. Unfortunately it's the end of the hols and the kids are too tired and ratty to appreciate it.

Couldn't resist sharing another piccie of himself for today's Portrait Saturday.
Mum's had a summer house built last month (new there was a reason for the rotten weather this summer!). Sneaked this picture this afternoon ready to make her a little gift. Will share tomorrow.

** Kate **


sarah said...

what a cutie :)

Kirsty Wiseman said...

darling kate
I had no idea you were expecting or indeed had a baby. I wish I could read every blog I pass by with as much care as this one, today.
I feel dreeadful that I hadnt read or noticed it and now I must apologise - like, forever.
Congratulations sweet girl and if ever Im bck in wiltshire (used to live near amesbury) Ill give you a shout so that I can come and cuddle that gorgeous creature (your hubby I mean, of course ;))