Wednesday, October 29

Another day at the office

Yes, I know I'm blogging in the evening this week, I'm just very late for last night.

Yesterday's HS:MS:HS - 'Light'.

Decided to go for the fading light of the evening, saw it was getting dark out and had a look outside. Found a light coating of sleet and hail on everything.
It brightened up later and I went for my evening shot again.
Today 'Office'.

Here is mine.
Now when I said I had my computer on the new table I didn't mean it was all beautifully organised yet! Note the morning cuppa and biccies.

Day-dreaming of what I'm going to create at the weekend. Might get the Dinky Diva to help sort beads in advance - that should keep her happy. Please, please, please don't let me wake up Saturday morning with a creative block.

** Kate **


Diana said...

I like thate second light shot and lol your office is a bit like mine!

Igotmebabe said...

Like the fact that you have a cuppa and biscuits :) Great shots

Cheyne said...

Brrr, on the ice!!!

Great office shot.

Shannon said...

My upstairs desk is almost never clean or organized. It comes with having 3 spawn and a hubby.
I love your second light shot! Gorgeous.