Monday, October 27

Busy, busy, busy

Busy, busy, busy as always. Have moved the computer to a swish new desk where the key board and printer slide out from underneath on little drawers. The secret is that I found it on the pavement. yes, I do mean the desk! A new neighbour moved in and decided they no longer wanted it, left it on the pavement 'free, please take ' and so I did. The Supreme Commander is unimpressed though as the very comfortable typing position means I no longer need the wrist rest and as it was well chewed it went in the bin.

Half-term started on Friday for us and extends until Wednesday of next week. I'm planning to blog once all are in bed but I will have to be better organised as I need to still take my HS:MS:HS pic in the daylight, doh.

Almost broke my vow not to buy any Christmas craft supplies when I saw some clear stamps on QVC with some classic Christmas images on. They had sold out by the time I reached the phone.

These will tempt me to break my ban though. I want the birds, silhouettes and Xmas in New York just as soon as I can find somewhere with them all in stock.

Just me and the baby at home this coming weekend. The Dinky Diva is off on her 1st Brownie holiday, Small-N-Grubby is staying with the out-laws and SMO is on a cricket training course. So my plans are :
  • Get lots of food supplies in - chocs, crisps gluten free cake and a bit of M&S fruit salad (can't be totally unhealthy)
  • Get lots of craft supplies in - perhaps I already have them, but a few more won't hurt will they?
  • Craft, craft and craft - when not looking after bub.

I will miss the family on the one hand but on the other hand I can't wait!

** Kate **


Leigh said...

Enjoy the weekend Kate.

Rachel said...

Ooooh Lucky Lucky you!!


And you did have to show me those gorgeous inkadinka stamps - yummy!


Anonymous said...

Those stamps in the QVC kit are being sold on the Calico website...erm maybe I shouldnt have told you that especially as youre on a ban!