Get Set

Had a bit of a nostalgia trip at the weekend turning out the loft. Needed doing as there seemed to be lots of baby stuff missing that I knew I had stashed away somewhere. Whilst up there we found the boxes I had kept with mementos from each of the children's 1st year's. I'm so glad I kept all of the seemingly insignificant little things as the kids had great fun going through their boxes and asking about all the tags, gifts and cuttings.

These were among the things and fit in nicely with today's HS:MS:HS 'Set'.
Each of them has a set of animal cutlery, none of which are now complete, (picture is a mixture of 2 sets).

It looks like that's a family tradition as I found my own baby set and the knife doesn't appear to match.
Another busy week in the run-up to half-term. I shall be glad of a rest from running around to after school activities but the kids will expect their half-term social diaries to have been filled by me.

** Kate **


Bobs said…
Great shots. Those cutlery sets (complete or not) must have some lovely memories attached to them.

Hazel said…
Happy memories 'set's

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