Thursday, October 16

Hold on

HS:MS:HS 'Hold', instantly knew what picture I wanted to share today.
Makes me feel all warm inside, which is good as I needed cheering up this morning. For the 1st time ever the Dinky Diva is in trouble at school. She can be a bit of a giddy, giggly girlie at times but other than that she is enthusiastic and 'a pleasure to teach' (I quote from more than one previous teacher). So it was quite a shock when she came home last night and asked to transfer to another school! This could turn out to be a clash of personalities with the current teacher, who we have never met. Headed up to school this morning with a lots of worried questions (took the heavies with me SMO and the Supreme Commander). When we got there she said she didn't want us to go in so I ended up having to write a hasty and rather untidy note to the teacher about our concerns. Now we wait and see, going back up mob handed to collect her so if she comes out in the same state as yesterday we're going in!!

As well as creating at school I've also managed to do some craft creating.

Found the ribbon to finish off the calendars.
Made them from thick acrylic, think I will try some acetate ones next.

Also saw these lovely pink and choccie beads in a shop yesterday and couldn't resist them.
The postman also new I needed cheering up (oo-er not quite how I meant it) he brought me this in this morning's post.
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Bobs said...

Awww, Kate - that is a beautiful shot for 'Hold'. Love it.

Hope things get sorted for DD. It's not nice when they're unhappy at school.


esther said...

AWWWWW! I love photos like that! sooo so precious! what graet calenders too! fabby idea!

Hazel said...

Your hold photo is so precious and beautiful. Hope things get sorted out at school OK - hope it 'blows over', but, if not, hope you can get a good resolution.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful shot. I'm sure it will all get sorted out at school. It's so hard when you need to get some information and have to wait.

Cheyne said...

Adorable hold. Hope things get worked out soon with Dinky!