Wednesday, October 22


Today's HS:MS:HS - Moist.
Lashings of jam on gluten free toast. Can you believe I couldn't get my usual brand of jam, picked up a jar of Hartley's and there was wheat in it!!! Rant, rant.

Off to do lots of lovely shopping.

** Kate **


Diana said...

Great take on the prompt - that looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

Why do they put wheat in jam???

The toast looks yummy!

Sue Nicholson said...

Just caught up with your last posts :-) SC is gorgeous and that hold shot is priceless :-)

Wheat in jam? Honestly! Sarah is a vegetarian and I inadvertently picked up bread not suitable for vegetarians!!


Kerry said...

Weird additives they put in certain foods don't they? I would never have guessed wheat in jam - gelatin maybe but not wheat.

Dawne said...

looks great xx

Cheyne said...

Looks very moist! Bummer about the wheat.

Aubrey Harns said...

Sorry it had wheat in it, but it made for a pretty post!