We got soooo wet yesterday walking to and from school. It was raining sideways! Even the Supreme Commander got soaked in his pram. Staying at home today to dry out before we nip out this evening.

Today on HS:MS:HS the word is 'Reflect'. Managed to find a couple of volunteers for this one.
Question :

If you sit a baby on your lap at the computer, eventually will he type 'To be or not to be.'?

Answer :

No, he will chew your mouse mat and pull out your USB cables.

On that note I think I had better finish up and go.

** Kate **


Cheyne said…
Love the look on Da's(?) face!
Hazel said…
Beautiful reflection.
{ Emma } said…
Awww such a cute shot.

Emma XXX
Chris T said…
great "reflect". My grandson managed to hit some buttons on the keyboard & turn the screen picture sideways!!!Took ages to find out how to put it right again
Zoe said…
Awww lovely shot!

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