Monday, October 6


A tranquil, if wet, weekend here. Managed a bit of gardening but still no crafting. I have craft withdrawal symptoms!!

HS:MS 'Tranquil'

A lovely reminder of the last holiday we went on in June 07, we had the whole section of beach to ourselves.
Craft day TSV arrived this morning so I am determined to get some crafting done, off to look through it right now.

** Kate **


Diana said...

so many gorgeous beach shots today! I am so impressed.

Bobs said...

Another gorgeous beach! Lovely shot.

Karen said...

Love these beach shots. Nothing more tranquil.

sam said...

it looks beautiful ,

Chris T said...

Another lovely beach shot

Shannon said...

I love the sound of wave and the feel of wet sand between the toes. Thanks for the shot that makes me relive a moment in my past!