Alone at last

Well almost, I have a ratty baby with me who has given up sleeping in his own cot. Luckily I had to be up early this morning or otherwise I don't think I would have bothered - too tired and too cold.

Went to treat myself with the new Creativity and Creativity Life magazines due out today but my local stockist says they won't be in until later next week, pah.

HS:MS:HS - Portrait Saturday - favorite childhood portrait and the story behind it. I've chosen this one really because its the only one to hand.
Wearing a loathsome homemade towelling beach suit which being the youngest I had to wear for ever as I got each of my older sister's handed down to me.

Suzy B has a photo on the site today that I have the twin of (will try and look it out). 1st school photo, in homemade pinafore dress that I wore every day like a uniform. Oh, and red hair too which I used to have, the colour has faded as I got older.

Got some crafting done, more on that tomorrow. Weather has been appalling and the dog has disgraced herself on the kitchen floor as she has refused to go out in the rain.

Was feeling a bit fed up with my me time not going according to plan but then I saw some news footage from the Congo and thought, even if I have to sit up all night with my 'refusing to sleep' baby it will be a joy.

** Kate **


Cheyne said…
Looks like fun!
SuzyB said…
Fetching outfit lol! You really need to find the other photo youve mentioned, Im intrigued - perhaps we were separated at birth! x
Diana said…
awhhh thats a cute little outfit. Cos I was the oldest I got no hand me downs lol!

Love from Di
Chris T said…
Great photo. Sorry your day didn't work out - typical - best laid plans and all that. I think babies def have a sixth sense about things like that!!

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