Down the Pub

Yes, today's word is 'Pub', cue artful shots of old English hostelries. Unfortunately I haven't been out of the house today as the Small-N-Grubby one is still home sick so I have found my most recent shots from a pub and chosen to share this one.
One of few that were publishable. I won't say what SMO was doing with hatstand in one of them but it was definitely not for family viewing.

Not sure if my poorly boy will be back at school tomorrow as he flagged a bit this afternoon and fell asleep on the sofa.

Haven't been able to do anything towards my Christmas projects other than gather together a few materials but if I keep chipping away at it I might have something to give people by the time the big day comes.

** Kate **


Chris T said…
It's great that you can take the family nowadays - looks a friendly place

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