I think this is 'Fake' it came from a charity shop.
Took the Supreme Commander to the Doc today just to be on the safe side as he is still coughing and barking away. He has a viral cough but no chest infection and we have a follow up appointment on Friday if he's no better.

A visit planned to the Debenhams spectacular sale tomorrow so watch this space for what goes wrong next!!

Made a bit of a plan for my Christmas makes, basically I could do with completing something most days. Today number of items completed - none.

** Kate **


lucy said…
Ah...juicy. Had a student who wore a pair of sweat pants with 'juicy' across the rear...I was mortified she thought it was cute!
Cheyne said…
Great fake. Hugs about the little guy. :(
Diana said…
Great fake and so colourful!

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