Wednesday, November 12


Small-N-Grubby has been home sick today with a nasty cough, but he did provide me with the pic for HS:MS:HS today 'Game'.
I think he looks suitably poorly.

Supreme Commander still not sleeping, so on the advice of the health visitor I have upped his food intake and given him a second meal today. He's asleep now but how long for is anyone's guess.

The Dinky Diva had a Tudor day at school. Here is her home-made costume (made by Grandma after a raid on the charity shops).
She's not too happy in the photo but perked up when she got to school and found her friends had remembered to get dressed up too. She also complained that her corset was hurting by the end of the day, so she has had a true experience of what historical ladies had to put up with!

That's about all as too bleary eyed to write any more tonight.

** Kate **

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Chris T said...

He does in deed look poorly- hope he's well again soon!