Monday, November 17


Actually today's word is 'Button' and I was going down the route of "Cute as a ..." but we have all been poorly with coughs and colds over the weekend so it is more of a poorly button.Its awful when the children are ill but I find it especially hard when they're babies as they can't tell you what's wrong and you can't explain to them why they are feeling so bad.

He was even more upset when I swanned off to a Rainbow's 21st birthday party on Saturday afternoon.
Trying to organise a hall full of 50 Rainbows has meant the loss of my voice yet again.

Sunday was examination day for dancing medals. Small-N-Grubby took his ballet baby Silver to the tune of Frosty the Snowman.
The Dink Diva was very excited to have completed her ballet medals and be dancing for a silver cup as a snowflake.
All feeling a little better today, S-N-G has gone back to school and the Supreme Commander and I have caught back up on some sleep and are looking less bleary eyed.

Fingers crossed for back to normal tomorrow.

** Kate **


Cheyne said...

He's still cute as a button. Hope you all get feeling better soon!

Chris T said...

Beautiful blue eyes & definitely cute as...