Sunday, November 23

S-N-G V Himself

I keep getting comments about how alike the boys are so I thought I would use this weekend's portraits for a comparison. It was also a B&W challenge so here goes.

This is Small-N-Grubby very much in his Ian Hislop phase!
This one is Himself looking angelic because he's asleep!
I do see the similarities but I think Himself will be much blonder eventually, both have same colour eyes though.

Bought myself some of these little babies and thought I would show them off for Sunday. Always wanted to get them but could never find them when the charity promotion was on.
For those that don't know, the hats are sent in by volunteers and placed on the smoothies with 50p from each sale going to Help The Aged. I just wish you could tell who had made your hats a bit like a craft swap.

Still haven't finished any Christmas presents but here is a bad photo of a wreath I made for the inside front door.
Based on an idea in Papercraft Essentials and using Cosmo Cricket papers.

Having a clear out this weekend as it's the last one we have relatively free before Christmas.

** Kate **


Hazel said...

That wreath is unusual - I love it. Super shots of your boys.

Nickynoo said...

I think your wreath is gorgeous! x

Anonymous said...

I have one of the hats in the kitchen from last year - is it being done again this year?

Han :)

Diana said...

Gorgeous wreath!!!

Kathy said...

The hats are sooo cute - I did hear about them, but have never seen them - I think it was a Sainsbury's charity thing, and I don't go to Sainsbury's
Love that wreath, so pretty and delicate