Thursday, November 20


It's all European over at HS:MS:HS this week. My children don't speak Spanish, they speak Dora!
This is Small-N-Grubby's umbrella, I searched everywhere for a boys umbrella and this was the least girly I could get.

All feeling much better, just have to convince the Supreme Commander to go back to sleeping in his cot at night. I think we will try to persuade him at the weekend when it doesn't matter if he wakes the others up.

He is absolutely fascinated by lights (that and curtains). I can't wait to show him all the Christmas lights and I think I will buy some extra ones in honour of his 1st Christmas, and quite frankly why not?

The Dinky Diva is playing with her handbell group at a Christmas tree festival next weekend so we will ring in December and get all Christmassy.

** Kate **


Cheyne said...

Definitely Spanish. :D

sam said...

great spanish, :)

Shannon said...

My youngest hate Dora but speak some spanish thanks to her!