Sunday, November 9

SPS/SOS 09/11/08

A bit of a combined Saturday portrait and Show off Sunday (because I can't help but show off this little fellow).
The hat came with a set of gloves that Small-N-Grubby bought but straight away it was too tight for him and already it fits the bubster so I guess he will have a big head like his brother!!

Its peaceful here at present with baby sleeping and everyone else off swimming so I need to take the opportunity to go off and get some work done.

SMO has the day off tomorrow so I think I might drag him out Christmas shopping.

** Kate **


Diana said...

What a cutie pie and LOVE that hat!

Chris T said...

Really cute & yes love the hat

Janice said...

Not so small now! Don't know about the grubby, I think that stays for longer tee hee. Hello (waving) haven't visited your blog for a while, your little ones are growing so big! Great pics as usual.

Aubrey Harns said...

Very cute indeed!