Wednesday, December 24

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve already, its come around so fast and we are nearly at the point of "if its not done now, forget it" which is the point at which I finally begin to relax.

Small-N-Grubby is much better and looking forward to his first performance playing the bells with the Minitones at the Christingle this afternoon.

Took a photo yesterday but never got a chance to blog. I'm enjoying the seasonal photo prompts as it gives a record of a family Christmas through objects you might not normally photograph. Yesterday was 'Cards'. We always put string across the curtain poles and hang them all up.
Today its the big man himself 'Father Christmas'. I painted this one a couple of years ago in very muted colours rather than Christmas brights so he goes with any colour scheme. He's been to a few sales with me but I'm quite pleased that he always comes home again.
The meat for tomorrow is cooking - chicken this year, a bit everyday but we like it. Then I shall cook Yorkshire puddings and everything else can be made hot tomorrow for the minimum amount of time in the kitchen. Although this year I am experimenting with 2 different homemade stuffings and my own Gluten Free gravy recipe. Wish me luck!!!

Almost forgot this cute photo from bath time, you can't be 'bah humbug' with one of these around.
** Kate **


Rach said...

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Rach x

Photographing Mom said...

Great Father Christmas!!