Friday, December 19


My patience has worn thin and I have succumbed to Octocide. Or at least I thought I had. After beating the offending tentacle with the butt of a screwdriver it made an awful dying screaming and then all went quiet. Here it is dead but still smiling.
It's like something from a horror movie, sporadically it springs to life and chirps, bleats and squeaks all manor of strange tunes. I've considered removing a tentacle but there is something really eerie about the way it just continues to smile at you. It's currently silent (and long may it stay that way), still drying out from its trip around the washing machine.

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Food', which is just what we went out to buy yesterday. With little success. M&S had more staff than customers but the shelves were still fairly bare. Hopefully Sainsburys will be well stocked for a dawn raid tomorrow morning.
Did unexpectedly manage to find these gluten free treats though.
** Kate **


Celeste said...

I don't think I've commented before, but this made me laugh so much (or as much as I can with a sleeping child next door) We inherited an octupus like this, I suspect it is about 8 years old now but still going stong, my daughter loves it.
As fo rhow long they last, an ex boyfriend gave me a duck that sings nursery rhymes about 13 years ago, it doesn't work so well if you press it now, but clapping or turning on light switches will set it off qucking at double it's usual speed... very very irritating!
I first had it when I was in halls of residence, my room was next to the kitchen, and every time someone turned the light on in there it would quack. I'm not sure why I kept it, but thankfully it lives with my parents now so it can only annoy me occasionally.

Good luck with your dying octopus, I have performed surgery on ours. I took the bell out to use in a different toy.

Chris T said...

Love your take on festive food :) & love the octopus story - hope he remains quiet for you now

Photographing Mom said...

Laughing at your story!!!

Great food picture!

Jeanne said...

LOL at the Octocide. Your treats look yummy. They'd be perfect with my hot chocolate.

Rach said...

Lol at the Octopus. My boys had the same one and I still remember how annoying it was. x