Wednesday, December 10


All things glittery for the Christmas theme at HS:MS:HS. This is a bauble that Small-N-Grubby has been decorating.
Kind of got my way with the Christmas tree, the kids were solely responsible for the decorations and then I put the lights on.
Thing is it looks kind of pitiful now in its little space in the corner which is usually filled with our big tree. Have lit up Mickey as well to add to the decs.
Think I might tinsel up the rest of the room too and then if I can't live with it the big tree will have to come out!!
** Kate **


canadacole said...

Home-made baubles are the best, aren't they?

We just graduated to a big tree this year after years of using our old apartment sized tree. Our kidlets are complaining because they couldn't reach to decorate the tree themselves. Funny that you're having the opposite problem! I think they'll all be just fine.

sam said...

ah bless them it is lovely, treasure it and the memory of it,

Photographing Mom said...

It all looks very festive!

Jeanne said...

I think your tree is very cool and funky.