HS:MS:HS 'Glow'. I love these artificial candles, they are so useful. Particularly as we had a power cut last night and we were unprepared. Most torches had no batteries (the kids are always playing with them) and we don't really have candles for safety reasons with 3 children and a dog about the place.
Missed most of Desperate Housewives, hardly a tragedy and I did watch a bit on the +1 channel when the power came back. What was eerie was the number of sirens we could hear outside just after the power went off. Maybe we don't hear them normally or maybe lots of people were in a very vulnerable position when the lpower went off!!

This morning I have put a load of toys through the washing machine, washable or not - it was either that or chuck them out. I am now being driven mad by an Octopull whose music chip has shorted out and just won't stop, aaaarrrggh. Every time it stops for a moment you sigh with relief and then it starts up again. How long do the batteries in one of these things last, it must be years old??

** Kate **


Lovely glowing picture!
Rach said…
Gorgeous picture. I love it when we have power cuts it reminds me of the 70's when I was little. x
canadacole said…
Nice glow--and tinsel too!

I always love power long as they don't last too long. The sirens would have been scary though.

I would take the batteries out. Why suffer more than you have to?
Chris T said…
Really colourful glow

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