Golden Disco Balls

Things I've been up to for the last few days, with a catch up of HS:MS:HS photos along the way.

Friday was Small-N-Grubby's school nativity. The photo prompt for the day was 'Star' which by coincidence was exactly what he was.
I got this shot at the end as I could see exactly diddly-squat throughout the whole performance. The new head at the school opened the doors as the children arrived at school even though the play didn't start until 9.30. This was a sensible yet previously unheard of move which we did not pre-empt. Arriving at 9.15 there were only seats in the middle left with just the odd glimpse of a child over and around the parents sat in front.

Saturday was the church Christmas party day. The Supreme Commander attended his 1st one and had his 1st glimpse of Santa. As you can see he didn't think much of the whole thing as he posed for a rather sad winter SPS.
After scraping jelly and ice cream off the floor the older children were let in for a disco. Today's photo prompt is 'Gold', so here is a photo of my golden disco ball necklace which I made to wear to the party.
I've also finished this set for a Christmas pressie (which I can show as the recipient is not on the net). Bit of a blurred picture but I don't realise until after I'd wrapped it.
Today I'm finishing off more presents as Himself allows me. At the moment he is on my lap wrestling me for the keyboard, with the dog contentedly at my feet (but only cos the kitchen door is shut and she can't get to the sofa!)

** Kate **
I'm sure I could write far more interesting stuff if only she'd let me get a proper go at the keys ........ SC


Gez said…
Great shots.

Your little one is so cute & not impressed. hehe!

Your old one looks a real star, you must be so pleased with them both.

Your jewelry is stunning. Well done.
canadacole said…
Lovely star! You make all that lovely jewellry too? What a wonderful gift! Thanks for sharing!
Kathy said…
Great pics, Kate and lovely lovely jewellery

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