Monday, December 8

There's teeth!

I know the Supreme Commander hasn't been sleeping well for a couple of weeks and now we know why. We had our suspicions but there is definitely a sharp, pointy tooth poking through his bottom gum. Breast feeding and teeth at 22 weeks is not a good combination!

The family have spent the weekend following the Dinky Diva around with her handbell group. On Saturday they played at a local church Christmas tree festival. As today's HS:MS:HS is 'Decoration' please take any or all of the following as my contribution.

Various individuals or groups enter a tree, I think there were about 100 this year. Some traditional, some modern, some with a message and some down right bizarre.

Small-n-Grubby had the class puppet to write in its diary about the weekend's activities, so here they are in front of a lavender tree.
Both Donkey and I had a favorite tree it was completely covered in glittered brussel sprouts.
I remember making decorations like this with my sisters but had forgotten how they were done.
I see Sizzix now does a die that will cut and score the circles for you, I meant to pick one up at Hobbycraft and forgot.

Now for the bizarre, this was the entry from the Methodist church where we go for Brownies etc.
Hhhmmmm, least said about that the better.

On Sunday the Belles took us to Waitrose to entertain the shoppers. We had quite a lovely day with carol singing, lunch in the restaurant and shopping as well as the bells. Here is the DD concentrating.
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Photographing Mom said...

Great photos!

Chris T said...

Nice shots - sounds like a fun weekend. Like the idea of the Christmas tree festival