Tradition and Lights

Didn't get around to blogging the photo I took for yesterday's prompt 'Tradition'. Someone is getting a hand knitted gift this Christmas!

Today's word is 'Lights'. The Supreme Commander slept for at least 6 hours last night after I stuffed him with food all day. However, it still wasn't in his bed, at least it's little steps forward.

The 4 December is our 10th anniversary for SMO and I. Mum is popping in to babysit whilst we nip out to late night shopping and have a couple of hours to ourselves. The last couple of days have been crisp and clear, if a bit chilly, but of course it hasn't stopped pouring with rain all day today. It better clear up later.

The shopping plan is M&S 20% off day and 10% off evening at the local bead store. I might be forced to check out the gluten free options in Thorntons as well, it would be rude not to, wouldn't?

** Kate **


Diana said…
lovely pics today!
I never could grasp the knitting. I think it's amazing that you and others can!!

The light shot is awesome.

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