Its definitely winter but I haven't been out getting wintry shots yet, I'm not used to the cold! So for HS:MS:HS today a wintry night sky that I photographed a few weeks back.
Feeling quite virtuous as I have been wrapping my Christmas presents to get them done before school finishes and avoid the midnight wrapping when you finally have excited children sleeping.

Still have loads of bits to make though and a little bit of shopping to finish. ** Planned for Friday so watch out for blizzards, hurricanes and floods **.

Also hunted out all the decorations but hardly any are put up yet. I'm having a battle with the children for a smaller tree this year as we have an extra little body in the house who seems to have acquired a lot of stuff. I want them to have room to spread their new toys out and have a fun Christmas morning, they can't see past the idea of the big tree with a train running around the bottom.

We'll see who wins??

On a sad note I hear that Oliver Postgate has died. Children's television will probably not see the like again. Bagpuss, Nogin the Nog, Clangers, Ivor the Engine and Pogles Wood to name but a few of his marvellous creations. In this house at least a new generation will be brought up knowing his work. Even the Supreme Commander has a 'pish-ti-cuff' noise made at him to get his mouth open and shovel some tea in.
** Kate **


Rachel said…
Oh No go for the big tree with the train - they will have plenty of time to spread their pressies out and play once it is january again....
Very pretty winter moon.
Sarah said…
Lovely shot - I bet the wolves were howling that night!

Let the kids win - it's much more satisfying to say 'I told you so'!
Chris T said…
Mmmm I love the clear night skies we've been having lately even if it is freezing cold - there's something magical about them - it's all so clear
canadacole said…
Lovely winter moon! I just feels all cold and wintery!

Good on you for wrapping already. I need to start doing the same so I can get some sleep on Christmas Eve. Shopping for the kids is done, so I don't really have an excuse to leave it.

I see the small tree wins :)

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