AJ's 7

It looks like the final team line-up for the Hospice Moonlight Walk has been decided and it's AJ's 7, a bit like Blake's 7 but hopefully without the wobbly scenery. There's me and my 2 sisters. Between us we have 8 children but only my 3 eldest nieces are old enough to enter so they will join us. Along with a family friend to adjudicate over the bickering that makes 7. Not that we'll argue of course!

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Winner'. I've chosen this pair of winners from the latest round of ballet medals. Small-N-Grubby also took his 1st ballet exam, but we won't hear about that until the end if term.
After a glorious few days its now thoroughly wet and miserable. The plan of action is, therefore, to go to my mum's for the afternoon which is rapidly turning into some sort of surf party! I bought a couple of kids lilos in Poundland and they are taking them to their grandma's ready to turn her conservatory into a surfer's paradise. Personally I'm taking OK magazine and hoping they keep quiet long enough for me to read all the trashy gossip.

** Kate **


Bobs said…
Well done to the winners! I'm sure the wee man will have done brilliantly too.

Good luck with the walk. Hope your feet aren't so sore now.

Coffeedoff said…
Great winners shot!
Adorable winners!!!
Liz said…
Well done to them both and fingers crossed for the end of term.

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