Monday, May 11

Real blogging

It's about time I got back to some real blogging. After looking at several freebie photo organisers to download I got fed up with wading through all the jargon and went for the same one I had before.

Thought I would kick-off with today's HS:MS:HS, which is 'Carry'. However, I stumbled at the 1st hurdle lacking inspiration and opportunity and then getting really muddled about whether my photos were 'carry' or really 'hold'. As the youngest member of the family is growing very fast I thought I would go for a sequence of pics of Himself carrying food to his mouth! (all a bit blurry as this boy doesn't stay still for 2 seconds).
I think it's about time I changed the look of my blog page, it must have been like this for a year. Now let's see what I can do.

** Kate **


Photographing Mom said...

Great shots!!!

Kathy said...

Great pics - but oh my, isn't he growing fast - doesn't seem so long since he was just a bump and you were getting fed up waiting for him to arrive!

Liz said...

He looks a dab hand at carrying to me :) Great pics.

Hazel said...

Super pictures x