Wednesday, May 13

Rock On!

Oh yes, not only blogging but finding time to craft too. Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday.
1st today's HS:MS:HS is 'Rock'. It's wet and miserable today so no opportunity to go on a little photo trek (which I hope to do soon). So instead I found a pet rock.
In the June issue of Craft Stamper there's a really great article on 'colouring' stamped images in shades of grey. Liked the look of it and so I thought I would have a bash.
Quite pleased with my 1st attempt (couldn't resist a bit of glitter on the wings).
I used a set of Copic grey tones, Copics seem to be everywhere at the moment but they really are very good. You can get 2 sorts of grey tones cool, which I used, and warm which gives a more sepia effect like in the magazine article.

Now I have to stop myself colouring in everything grey.

This little fat so-and-so was on my patio yesterday evening waiting to be fed and sitting very still.
Just about managed a shot of mum arriving with some food.

They had moved on by the time I had dug out my bigger camera. Might have to look out for them again this evening.

** Kate **


Igotmebabe said...

What a cute pet rock :)

jo said...

Love the baby bird photos - last year we had lots of baby starlings in the garden - noisy little blighters they were.

Gez said...

Awe pretty pet rock. :-)

Lovely card. You've done a fab job with the Copics.xx

Cute baby birdie too. :-D

Liz said...

A pet rock that is so cute. It's amazing what you can find indoors for the daily challenges.

Photographing Mom said...

What a cute pet rock!!

Coffeedoff said...

Thats a good idea a pet rock! no worries about walking, feeding or clearing up mess!

Bobs said...

Ha! Love the pet rock! :-)

I saw that article in Craft Stamper, but I'm hopeless at colouring so I wouldn't try that technique. Yours is lovely!

Love the birdies too. :-)


Hazel said...

Great photos and love the shades of grey - I've got CS but haven't had a chance for a proper look - must have a go at that technique x

Kathy said...

wow Kate, the shades of grey colouring is stunning - you clever bunny!

Photos are fab as always, that baby birdy looks well-fed!