Walking and Woodlands

Well for once unbelievably good weather on a bank holiday weekend! So we were able to embark on our 8 mile practice walk in almost too hot sunshine with cloudless blue skies above us. What is it they say about mad dogs and English men?? The route had been planned with an online route guide thing with rather too many main roads so we veered off on a couple of short cuts to walk down quieter roads and think that took us down to about 7.5 miles.

Due the hot weather my feet blistered for the 1st time since I have been 'in training'. The trainers had been well worn in over the last few weeks so I didn't think my toes or heels would suffer and I was right as it was the balls of my over heating feet that blistered. I'm walking fine but will now have to decide if I want to plaster those areas in advance on the night. I'm very glad that we are walking at midnight and the weather will have to be very freaky for it to be too hot!

Our route did take us along part of the proposed official walk and it will be interesting to see these sights in the dark!

The mill taken from an odd angle to exclude idiots leaping in.
The cathedral, not sure how well it's lit at night.
And an unobliging swan.
Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Woodland' so I've pulled up a photo from my Broken Bridges 4 mile ish practice walk a few week's ago. There are 7 bridges on the walk. We can't decide if it's called 'Broken Bridges' because the walk is broken up by them or because they are, for the most part broken! This is the 1st one which leads you on into thinking 7 beautiful picturesque bridges await......

........They don't!!

** Kate **


Bobs said…
That looks like a really gorgeous place to walk. Pity the other six bridges don't live up to expectations!

When is your walk? So sorry that your feet blistered. I got huge blisters on the balls of my feet when I stupidly went for a 7 mile walk withnew hiking boots on. Like you, my toes and heels were fine, but the soles got overheated.

Lovely shots today!

Igotmebabe said…
A lovely set of woodland shots:)
Liz said…
Lovley shots. Hope your walk goes well.
Coffeedoff said…
Super photos, love the swan!
Hazel said…
Ouch for the blisters. Super photos - lovely area. And awwwww to the little foot below x
Chris T said…
Lovely set of shots!
Kathy said…
Gorgeous photos kate - and loads of luck for your walk

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