Tuesday, July 7

Busy Doing Nothing

Just not getting time to blog during my normal daily routine so decided to try an evening blog. Really busy at them moment, my diary is really full. BUT, big BUT, it's all school and kids stuff for the end of term. Just when I need some time to get on top of stuff with the holidays looming and free time is even more scarce than usual. No time for crafting or photo challenges. This weekend just gone we were asked to do 7 different things, well it's just not possible. What makes it worse is the attitudes of those we kindly declined, pouty faces, guilt inducing looks and in one case even snide comments.

Well the housework, crafting and tidying can wait. Tomorrow I have some me time planned with an early birthday treat for me and mum (both born in late July), courtesy of my sister. Cue the thunder storms, flash flooding and freezing temperatures, the weather always conspires against me.

** Kate **

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