Wednesday, July 22


Today's word at HS:MS:HS is 'Celebrate'. Here we are at a picnic to celebrate the end of another school year.
Just a couple of days left to go at school, although numbers are dropping as some parents seem to be staying away because of swine flu. Not that their children have it you understand, they have just decided to isolate themselves. This isn't a very practical thing to do and, unless everyone else shuts themselves in their house for a week, I can't see it being very effective.

Finished the teachers cards,
and present labels.
Managed to make it all from one sheet of 12x12 double sided My Mind Eye card and some scraps. Now I just have to keep the plants alive for a couple more days!

Just have to add a bit of decoration to some plain plant gift bags I bought for 50p at the garden centre.

** Kate **


Photographing Mom said...

Love the celebratory grins!!

lucy said...

The end of school is definitely something to celebrate! But oh...before you know it we will be celebrating (?) the beginning!

Chris T said...

That's a late break up isn't it? Great celebration though -love the toothy grin!

Kathy said...

The cards look fab, Kate - and well done you for getting all those things made from one sheet - that makes you a One Sheet Wonder, I reckon.