Saturday, July 11


Yesterday's HS:MS:HS was 'Climb', so this picture of Branston at the garden centre is perfect for the job.
Needed a fairly quick leaving card to take to Rainbows for one of our wonderful helpers who is off to uni. She's on her hols this week so it was a perfect chance to get all the girls to sign it.

By chance there was a suitable article in this month's Papercraft Essentials and I took inspiration from one of the cards. It featured a stamp of a mouse sat on a cat who was sat on a dog. I haven't got that particular one but it reminded me of my Patchwork Kingdom stamps. I stamped the creatures out on different papers and removed the teacups etc they were actually carrying and added other creatures instead.
I need a birthday card for Sunday and have a similar idea planned for that.

It's a bit of a dismal day today but captured this little fellow in the sunshine on Thursday.
** Kate **


Kathy said...

Cute card, Kate - and great photos too!

Janice said...

Lovely pictures, the card is great just right for the purpose.

Chris T said...

Lovely card & great climb shot!