Had a lovely day out yesterday which ended with a visit to Hobbycraft, how fab. Bought a few things but was slightly disappointed by some uncompetitive prices and lack of the latest papers. The particular branch I visit has a good K&Co range and I hoped to have a look at the Sera Sera but there was none to be found. Did get some clearance bargains as well as a few cute bits and pieces which I will highlight as I use them over the next few days (I hope).

As it was a birthday treat I picked out a few presents, some scalloped nestabilities (from mum), plus a 2" circle punch (from sis) and a set of chandelier stamps (from SMO).

Called into Haskins for snacks and a little play for Himself.
Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Naughty'. Here is the face of naughtiness itself, complete with ET pointy finger.
Completed a scrapbook page this morning. I have been doing tiny bits to it each evening, the only way I found time to get it done.
The big chipboard flower was one of my buys from yesterday. I chose the colours based on the rabbit's nose in the photo.

Accidentally made this little embellishment when I was clearing up some PVA the Dinky Diva had used.
I had put it in an old plastic biscuit container so she could work with it and this was what was left when I peeled away the dried up remains. I might have a go at making some more.

One last naughty thing which apparently has been investigated and found not to be naughty! (Although I am sure some people who like their privacy will disagree). For anyone in the UK a new mobile phone directory enquiries starts next week, where anyone can buy peoples mobile phone numbers. There is an article from the good old BBC about it here which explains where the numbers will come from and how to become ex-directory.

** Kate **


He is such a cute naughty!! :o)
Kathy said…
Great pics Kate and a fab LO. I heard about the mobilr phone thing the other day on the radio - but thanks for the reminder, I must do something about it. There's enough junk around without getting lumbered with more
sam said…
great naughty pic he's gorgeous, love your scrap page as well the photo on it is so cute, i had email on the mobile phone thing too,
Janice said…
Love your home made embellishment, looks fab. Great pics and well done on persevering with the LO.
Chris T said…
Hasn't he grown - quite a character too by the look of things!

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