Thursday, July 16


Have been racking my brains to find something non-plant based for today's HS:MS:HS beauty of nature 'Pink'.

Took the boy for a walk and dropped a birthday card off at mum's where I spotted these beauties and gave up on the non-floral hunt.
Have got something for tomorrow though, yeh!

** Kate **


Photographing Mom said...

I can see why you snapped those! Beautiful!!

Janice said...

Very lovely and very PINK!

valerie said...

neer seen a fushia like that before very pretty

Chris T said...

Pretty pink - love fuschias

Rach said...

Gorgeous shot. So delicate. Only Pete has the tamiflu as the boys and I have had it unaware since the beginning of the week and are now getting over it. No point in us having it.