Wednesday, July 15


Today's HS:MS:HS beauty of nature is 'Purple'. It definitely had to be a purple flag iris for my offering, I wonder how many other people will choose the same?
That's about it for today, planning to re-shuffle some furniture. Kind of throw it all into the air and see where it lands!!

** Kate **


Bobs said...

Gorgeous iris! I haven't seen anyone else with a shot of one yet, so you're unique so far! :-)

Great shot.


Coffeedoff said...

Mine havn't flowered this year :(
Yours is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous one of my fave flowers

Photographing Mom said...

Beautiful iris, beautiful purple.

Chris T said...

Ours are over & I can Never take a good photo of them. Love the idea of you throwing the furniture around - hope it lands in a suitable arrangement. Made me smile - thanks :-)