Tuesday, July 21

"The receptacle on the right"

I have a complaint to make about HS:MS:HS. Today's word is 'Receptacle' and ever since checking the blog site 1st thing this morning all that is in my head is a Baron Knights song. A take-off of a Boney-M record, something to do with dentists and my head is full of "The receptacle on the right, no the right". If there is any justice at least one other person will now have that permanently emblazoned on their brain!!

Here is my chosen receptacle.
Branston has been a bit of a muck monster of late. Mum has a new sandpit for the kids to play in this summer and he has been led in it, trod in it, thrown it and eaten it! Today he has been led in the dog's bed. If there is any truth to the old wives tale that a bit of dirt (or a lot) helps boost children's immunity then he will be alright.

He didn't sleep well last night and all the muckiness must have worn him out. So I have a second offering for receptacle and I notice he has a receptacle in there with him too.
** Kate **


Photographing Mom said...

Both shots are great!!!

Hope your little one gets feeling better soon.

Liz said...

That's a great shot. I love photos that show part of an object. Seems to make them more interesting :)