Thursday, July 23


The title makes it sound like today's mumblings will be deep and meaningful.....well they won't. 'Reflect' is in fact today's word at HS:MS:HS. Whilst wandering in the garden looking for photo opportunities I took this. Looking in through the kitchen window where the pot of flowers is sat that I photographed for yesterday's prompt.
Sent the 1st lot of teacher's presents up with Small-N-Grubby today.
Yes, the plants survived.

The Dinky Diva still has to go in tomorrow.

** Kate **


Liz said...

Perfect shot for today. :)

Kathy said...

oh lovely photo - and what a lovely teacher's present too, that's such a great idea, Kate

Photographing Mom said...

Beautiful photo!

Chris T said...

Great shots & the present is a great idea- looks super & useful too!