Monday, July 27

Summer Holidays


It's raining, they've been up since 6am and have only stopped asking for food for about 12 seconds. I love the summer holidays.

Branston's asleep again now so a quick chance to blog about the weekend.

Sunny on Saturday so we popped over to SMO's cousin's for the afternoon.
Sunday we went swimming and attempted to do some tidying in preparation for being stuck in the house for weeks of summer bad weather! And we were right.

They built this to amuse themselves this morning (Branston's in there somewhere in this shot).
Inside it looks like this.
A short break in the rain allowed us to walk up and down the road (mainly to tire the baby). Then by 11.30 I caved and made lunch!

Today's HS:MS:HS is 'Tool'.
Off to get my 1st cup of coffee of the day.

** Kate **


Liz said...

Great picture. Don't you just hate the summer hols when it rains? My son loved to make dens when he was little and had hours of fun out it.

Photographing Mom said...

Great angle on the shears!

Janice said...

I'm a bit worried about those shears, rainy summer holidays can do strange things to mums! Try getting them to make bread, that used to take up hours with my two.

Coffeedoff said...

Great tool.