Wisdom for the Weekend #1

Now what did I say about not blogging things all deep and meaningful in my last post, famous last words, or what? The fabulous Sue (yes, ok you can still be fabulous despite putting this idea into the heads of Anita et al!) had an idea that HS:MS:HS has picked up on for an across the weekend challenge.

So this weekend's bit of wisdom is "The sacred lamp of day Now dipt in western clouds his parting day" by William Falconer (from 'The Shipwreck'). So I will admit that I am not fully sure what it means, but definitely tis to do with sunset so here is the setting of the sun here yesterday.Amongst the flowers given to me by my sister, thank you muchly. Also got other flowers, chocs and stuff yesterday, can't think why.

Oh and Sue if you're reading I have lost the password to your blog (yet again). If you're still blogging can you e-mail me it (e-mail details in my profile) Ta.

** Kate **


Sue Nicholson said…
Ha! Fabulous ;-D LOL Thanks! ;-D

Super photo and a great take on the prompt . . . I think it fits the quote, (selected by Anita), really well. I copied Anita's photo idea; I simply didn't have any inspiration at all for an original take.

I don't blog now, Kate, I find it very time consuming and, in the scheme of things, something simply had to give.

Several of us are on facebook and I really like that for keeping in touch with HSMSHS. With not working I spend a lot of time on my own and like the spontaneous interaction with the others.

If you fancy trying it out then I would highly rec it and would of course be very pleased indeed to be your facebook friend. Why not give it a go . . . if it doesn't suit then just let it lapse :-)
Liz said…
This is a fantastic shot.
Igotmebabe said…
Lovely light shining through the flowers :)

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