Had a packed Sunday with Dancing Medals in the morning, and cricket combined with a visit to SMO's family in the afternoon.

Forgot to mention in earlier posts that this little dancing angel has fangs!
Everyone join in now "all I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth".

Took a card with us for SMO's dad. Made using some extra critters I stamped for Friday's card. The letters are from a gorgeous pack of Heidi Grace die-cuts.
This week's HS:MS:HS has a beauty of nature theme with a different colour each day. Today is yellow and having used photos of both the yellow flowers in my garden in the last few days I needed to go in search of more.

Found this little weed and just managed to catch a buzzy before it buzzed off.
** Kate **


Bobs said…
Thanks for the Monday morning giggle with that toothy photo! How cute! :-)

Love the hoverfly on the dandelion!

Kathy said…
"Fangs" for the funny photo, Kate - cheered up a Monday morning no end.

Love your card too.
anita said…
no worries Kate...this is fine, i got it :)
great that you are joining in!
Anonymous said…
Great photos!:)

Igotmebabe said…
Lovely yellow shot,nice dof
Coffeedoff said…
Great yellow shot. Loved the fang picture too.
Anonymous said…
can't believe it we seem to have taken the same shot we obviously have the same taste in garden flowers!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the yellow on the insect, too!!!
Chris T said…
Great yellow shot

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