Thursday, August 13

G is for ......

Made this card from leftovers yesterday.
I needed to spray a shape with glimmer mist for another project and remembered to put a spare piece of white card behind so that I could use the stencilled image that was left. I find it hard to get the beauty of glimmer mists in a photo. You can just about see the golden sheen on this one.
Background paper is by K&Co.

On to today which is not going so well. Started with rain but has cleared up nicely now. Headed out to take the children to holiday club and my sandal broke. August is not a time to buy sandals, according to the shops our minds should be on a nice pair of winter shoes. So, through necessity, a sum of money changed hands and I now have a nice new pair of walking sandals - the only ones in the shop - which to be fair had £20.00 off in the sales but still I could have done without the expense!

Then on to the bank to pay in all the children's birthday money. I had all 3 books to do in one hit. Oldest 2 were fine, then got to Branston and was told there was a problem. The account was closed and money transferred to another book. I was aghast, I think someone has tried to steal my baby's identity. Luckily the address on the new account was still mine and they are now closing it and transferring to a 3rd number to be on the safe side whilst they look into what has happened.

I know I am scatty and have fried my brain in childbirth but I am sure I did not do this, but they question you like you are brainless until you are half convinced that you did do it all along. I didn't, I didn't, I will protest my innocence. I wait to hear the outcome of their investigations.

** Kate **


Kath said...

Oh Kate, how awful. I hope your day improves.

Rach said...

such a sweet card Kate, love the swirl that you have added and the white ribbon. hugs rachx

Janice said...

K&Co are my favourite papers, I looked at your card and thought 'lovely paper wonder who makes that' lol Sooo predictable. Great card, I know what you mean about the Glimmer mists they are much nicer IRL.