Thursday, August 20

N is for .......

A slight departure from the flora and fauna today. The eagle eyed may notice that I didn't take the photo above, as for once I am actually in it! Taken many years ago and I never remember being that thin. You can just make out the dog's owner sat behind it.

What no flora? Yep I am defeated I thought of a few 'N' flowers but couldn't find one to photograph. Other than an odd suggestion by my mother that meant lying on the path of some random neighbour that we didn't know, clutching a camera. I want to complete my challenge but I don't want to be arrested for it.

More fauna organised for tomorrow but also struggling with an 'O' for the flowers. Got any O's??

Should have a couple of cards for challenges completed by tonight ready to share tomorrow.

** Kate **


Coffeedoff said...

Dont give up now, your photos have been fantastic! Nasturtions, osteospermums, they are all both out now. What about a seed catalogue or packet of seeds.

Janice said...

You are doing a great job there on the Flora & Fauna, even if you don't get them all your pics are always worth seeing.