A to Z

The plan for August (as HS:MS:HS) are on holiday is to follow Shannon with an A to Z of animal photos. Well it sounds like a good idea in principal, but 'A' is just proving rather awkward. Also Shannon seems to have a limitless supply of different dogs with conveniently alphabetical names. So I thought maybe flowers would be easier, but then there is this stumbling block with the 'A' again.

So to follow shortly will be an A to Z of animals and/or flowers. I think I just about have 26 days left in August.

Want to mention here about one of the blogs I follow A Passion for Cards where Ruth has achieved one of my aspirations and launched her own stamp range of lovely images. They are for sale on her own site and there are also a couple to give away this month if you'd like to take a look.

** Kate **


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