We were totally shocked when out of the blue on a family day out this Thursday the Branston Pickle had a seizure. I went by ambulance with him to hospital and, after a lot of tests and tense waiting, we found out later that evening that is was 'just' tonsillitis with a very high temperature. We brought him home yesterday and he is stilling feeling a little delicate with a very sore throat, but there have been no more attacks.

He is demanding lots of attention and ice cream, which after seeing him on Thursday, none of the family minds. Hopefully 'normal' life will be restored shortly and I will be moaning about all the trouble he is getting himself into.

** Kate **


SuzyB said…
How scary for you! Babies and high temperatures just dont mix do they, hope all is well now xx
Rachel said…
Not nice at all hope he is feeling better now. If in doubt get the calpol out is a saying in our house.

Janice said…
Big hugs for you all, give yourself some time to get over the shock. Thinking about you. XXX
Coffeedoff said…
Hope he is ok now. A nasty time for all the family!

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