Saturday, August 1

Wisdom for the weekend #2

HS:MS:HS takes its summer break now and leaves us with a parting shot of wisdom.

"For my dreams of your image that blossoms a rose in the deeps of my heart"
by William Butler Yeats from 'The Lover tells of the Rose in His Heart'

Andrew has put a lovely picture up on the site of a rose with a church in the background and I had ambitions of creating a similar shot.

1st to find a rose.
Then it needs something interesting in the background.
And finally add something I love to the scene.
Although I wanted to also take a shot with the rose in focus not the background i only had 2 seconds before Branston moved off to wreck my mum's garden, so I'm quite happy to have got a shot at all.

Miserable wet Saturday today. Was due to go to a 1st birthday garden party but thought we would stay home and dry instead. Now that Small-N-Grubby is fully recovered the Dinky Diva is feeling under the weather, isn't that always the way.

Hoping for better weather tomorrow as a family bar-b-que is planned.

** Kate **


Coffeedoff said...

Great photos. Have a good time at BBQ

Janice said...

Loved your storytelling in this series of shots, made me laugh!

Liz said...

Three perfect pictures :)