Tuesday, October 20

Is it Friday yet??

It feels like it, what a day yesterday turned out to be.

Dashed round to mum's to see what the panic was. The window had flown open fully and jammed. The neighbour had put all her (considerable!) weight behind it and tried to force it shut, buckling the metal mechanism. I was sent up a ladder to fix things, but could only just reach on tip-toe. It wasn't going to bend back without tools and considerable force.

My next mission was to visit the several people in the street who were having work done to see if their builders could be borrowed. It was a 1st for me, door to door, looking for strong helpful builders. I found one little old man that was shorter than me. He looked at the window, rubbed his chin and said we'd need to replace the bent mechanism. Now actually we knew this, we just wanted to get the window shut. The house had a gale blowing through it and couldn't be left like that over night.

We were quite chilly by now so we made baked spuds in the microwave and had a bit of lunch. Then, what do you know, like number 7 buses, 3 builders arrive at once.

They stand around collectively rubbing their chins at this point. #1 builder, a DIY enthusiast from 2 doors down has a go with a set of pliers and gets some way to bending back the metal. But it must be dead straight for the window to shut.
He hands over to the professionals, currently working on a loft conversion 2 doors down in the other direction. They finally get the job done and kindly arrange to get the parts to fit a new mechanism (hopefully later today).

By now it's time to go up to school and collect the kids. I've got nothing done but at least mum is sorted. Go to collect the Dinky Diva and she arrives with a piece of paper and a tied plastic bag. The paper says she has collided with another girl, fallen over backwards and smacked her head on the concrete playground. She shows me a nice egg shaped, graze and bloody lump on her head. But what's in the bag?? Her school clothes. Apparently another girl threw up over her.

So I end my day sponging another girl's vomit out of my daughters school shoes.

I've got the dentist this afternoon, it'll be a breeze!

** Kate **


Julia Dunnit said...

Ah..days like this...! Well that's all 3 Kate, so the rest of the week should be safe! Hope your l'il diva is feeling OK, and isn't nice to know that there are people out there who will help.

Jo said...

It never rains but it pours and it has certainly done that today in Wiltshire!! Let's hope tomorrow is a better day all round! Hope the little diva is OK, bless her. Jo x